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By Sara Branson, Posted on 21 Aug, 2021 at 04:35 pm

Book Hotels in Parkersburg WV!

Parkersburg is a small city located in West Virginia just across the Ohio River. When settlers began migrating westward just after the Revolutionary War, this city was settled. During the Civil War, the city was used as a medical center and this is why there are many historical sites around the city. Parkersburg also features many cultural events including an international marketplace and several music festivals around the year. With it being the third-largest city in the state of West Virginia, Parkersburg is home to many historic landmarks, museums, and outdoor activities. With its perfect positioning through plenty of country roads, it is an amazing road-trip destination and you can book a perfect weekend getaway with hotels near Parkersburg WV.


Begin your trip at the small island within the Ohio River, the popular Blennerhassett Island Historical Park that witnesses more than 40,000 visitors each year. A beautiful sternwheeler riverboat that docks at Point Park takes visitors to this beautiful island. The island is surrounded by beautiful green trees and trimmed ground for horses and carriage rides offered at the mansion and museum here. The mansion here is huge and very beautiful. It was built back in 1790 and was termed as the most beautiful home in the west. The mansion includes a museum and gift shops. Visiting the Blennerhassett Museum of Regional History would provide you with a perfect orientation and would take you to a beautiful journey into the history of this town. Tours are conducted for people interested in the history of the island and volunteers wear period-clothing, display real campsites, and re-enact events that happened in the past. Along with all the exhibits, make sure to watch the woeful Blennerhassett family’s tale showed through a video.


Another interesting historical place marked on the National Register is the Henderson Hall Plantation that takes you back in time to early life in America before the Civil War. This Italianate mansion is based on 8,000 square feet of the estate with some rooms prepared in the 1700s’ frontier life original furnishings to some turning to the setting of the 20th century. The mansion was built by George Washington Henderson and for over 200 years, six generations of Hendersons have lived here. It was enlarged in the 1850s and since then remained the centerpiece of a 2,600-acre plantation, oil field, horse-breeding farm, and river port. It is told that everything that came into this mansion remained here and the officials at the museum keep the track of vast collections kept under the roof.


If you choose to stay in one of the hotels in Parkersburg WV downtown, you can take a walking tour and view many interesting historical landmarks here. Explore the largest historic districts in downtown, the Julia-Ann Square Historic District located at the 9th Street. You will get to see some of the finest examples of Victorian architecture among 126 separate properties in this district. Most of the famous families of Parkersburg once lived in and around this area and it was known to be the social center of the city. Most of the structures here are from 1850 to 1910. Today, this district hosts many annual events including the Garden Tour & Tea, Victorian Christmas Tour & Tea, and reenactments at Riverview Cemetery.


Another entertaining place in the downtown district is the Smoot Theater that remained a place to watch movies and stage shows for over 90 years. Today, this theatre entertains people of all ages with its on-stage acts, musical events with popular bands and artists from different genres of music including jazz, country, rock, folk, and blues. The place also hosts plays and solo concerts every year. The entire family including kids can enjoy children’s theatre, comedy shows, and plays. Next, is the lovely Fort Boreman Park built on a tall hill offering scenic views of Parkersburg and the Ohio River. It is a popular destination for fun among both locals as well as tourists. Here you can learn about the history and can also take part in the activities. The park has a large playground for kids. The park includes two large pavilions for picnics and you can also rent them for private parties.


Parkersburg is a town rich in resources that benefits the entire country’s economy. The history of which can be witnessed at the Oil and Gas Museum here is dedicated to the collection of artifacts and memorabilia from the 1700s till today. During your visit here, you will get to see how oil and gas were mined, manufactured, and used. The exhibits here also display details on who discovered these oil and gas resources in West Virginia. Not only these, but there are other highlights like Parkersburg Arts Center, Veterans Museum of Mid-Ohio Valley, North End Tavern Brewery, and more that you can explore, so book your long-term stay and enjoy great savings on hotels in Parkersburg WV.

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