Top 6 European countries known for best romantic beach holidays

By Sara Branson, Posted on 19 Oct, 2021 at 09:21 am

Top 6 European countries known for best romantic beach holidays

A famous continent of the northern hemisphere, Europe has so much going on throughout the day. It's no big wonder that this continent is mainly famous for its 24/7 romantic vibes and tourism hot spots. Italy and Paris are definitely the main reason for fame to this place, and we all know why. But little do people know about this continent's beautiful beaches where most people plan their tropical holidays throughout the year—planning to go on the best beach holidays in Europe?

Then you have arrived at the right spot! Read on below to grasp some basic information regarding travel-friendly beaches in Europe:


Popular for its 24/7 romantic vibe and French cuisines, France has something more to it than this. The popular Our Lady Beach in Porquerolles guarantees you bright sunny weather along with its clean water. The panoramic view of the beachside depicts the most beautiful color of a bluish Turquoise shade where you can do most of the swimming and parasailing throughout the day. The color of the beach sand here is the most beautiful shade of golden brown and feels like silk under feet. The iconic Mediterranean beach-like views of Virgin Island’s Creek in Brittany are promising for its unique kayak and gritty white sand. The beach water here is of the same color as Our Lady Beach's but in much higher contrast.


Greece, a popular place for its stunning architecture and iconic history, which has also inspired a lot of filmmakers and movie casts, is another place in Europe where you can go for your tropical holiday needs. The popular Navagio Beach in Zakynthos is sometimes referred to as the Smugglers Cove and is also named as the shipwreck beach due to the wreckage of a smuggler ship named Panagiotis while transporting packages of cigarettes. This beachside curb is one of the most beautiful places to visit for its iconic Aqua blue beach water, parasailing, and paragliding activities.

Whereas the Porto Katsiki Beach in Vasiliki, located on the Ionian Sea island of Lefkada, has the most promising sea blue coral color beach water and is located adjacent to the mountain cliff nearby.


Spain, a place where a diverse history of Muslims and Christians can be found, is a country where you can visit for its Crystal Clear Water and scattered green Shrub in the nearby region that add beauty to the place. The beach of Calo des Moro is a welcoming beach where you can feel the tropical wind gently hitting your face for a refreshing feel. This small Sandy beach is a great place for scuba diving and snorkeling, or you could get a chance at the Catamaran Cruise for its Cruise ship activities for half of the day!

Whereas the Ribadesella Beach in Asturias is a town known for its Prehistoric Caves, beautiful scenery, iconic history, energetic sports activity, nature, and most importantly, its silky Sand Beach accompanied by dark Aqua; blue seawater!


Famous for its iconic Islamic mosques and Muslim history associated with divine architecture, Turkey is overall a great place to visit for its land and sea views. The royal blue to seawater of Oludeniz Beach in the Fethiye district is generally known as the Dead Sea because of its calm water during stormy weather. The literal meaning of Ölüdeniz is Blue Lagoon which typically defines its true color. Due to its stunning beauty, the beach of Ölüdeniz remains one of the most photographed beachside regions in Turkey!


Famous for its football team Portugal is a beautiful place to be for beachside views at Praia Marinha at Algarve. Considered as one of the most emblematic beaches sides of Portugal, this beachside curve is distinguished as the Golden Beach of Portugal by the Portuguese Ministry. Being the most photograph beach of Portugal, the beach of Praia Marinha is used for many promotional services of Portugal guide for tourism.

Whereas the beach of Praia de Miramar, located in the Vila Nova de Gaia, is a popular beachside attraction for annual festivals and events.


Italy is another place for its tourism hotspots all around the year that features the best coastal region of Gargano via the beach of Baia Delle Zagara located in Mattinata. The beachside sea is the perfect shade of Aqua blue and has a light golden shade of Sandy beach with gritty sand particles having a soft Sandy feel underneath the feet making perfect Europe beach destinations of all times!

Summarising the whole blog, the most beautiful beaches in Europe are located in France, Greece, Portugal, Turkey, Spain, Italy and many more others, to name of! In short, Europe is your one-stop destination for most of the topmost attractions in the world, either it is its history, architecture, scenic city views, or soothing beachside attractions. Europe is your endgame to your luxurious lifestyle!

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