The Welcome To The Heavenly World Of Fascinating Attractions-Kuala Lumpur!

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Things To Do in KL

Let your inner child come out to explore the worldly-hidden attractions of Kuala Lumpur. Considered one of the populous cities, sprawling more than 200 square meters and now meeting with the nearby suburbs, creating a vast hub of commerce and activities. So, you can say this city won't make you feel lacking in anything as there are boundless things to do in Kuala Lumpur. Give your eyes a pleasant treat by gazing at the mind-boggling futuristic skyscrapers and towers, or tickle your taste buds at one of the street food shops. Most temples and mosques reflect the diversity of the city. Kuala Lumpur is a city that should wander once in a lifetime; whether you wish to spend an afternoon strolling in a leafy park or retail therapy in a mega mall, this city won't disappoint you. Everything is here that suits all ages. So, without wasting a more minute, just plunge into it!

Petronas Twin Towers:

Whether you are here just for a business trip or just passing through, you can't miss the Petronas Twin Tower. This most recognizable landmark is 88 floors high, composed of fortified concrete, glass, and steel. Moreover, it's an eclectic blend of postmodern style and Islamic arts. 

Stroll along the sky bridge, connecting the towers on 41st and 42nd floors. But, what makes this place famous is the structural support to the towers as they swing in the windy days plus, there is a fire escape route for an emergency. Make sure to check out the Suria KLCC set on the lower floors attracting a myriad of visitors to shopping, whatever they like from 300 plus shops. You will also come across the Philharmonic Hall, a science center, an art gallery, and much more. At night, you will get to gaze at a totally different view of this tower as it is striking and shining, contrasting to the always-changing urban landscape.

KLCC Park:

Lodging some feet away from the Petronas Twin Towers, one of the massive urban parks, stretching to the 50-acre sanctuary. With 2,000 plus palm species and indigenous flora, the park is ornamented to mix the surroundings with a mashup of man-made structures like incredible structures and shooting fountains in the air. To attract both migratory and local birds, selected unique trees are lining up the area. Make sure to take a round of Lake Symphony, one of the immense lakes boasting a 43-meter bridge passing through it as well as lots of fountains, and among them; one is gushing high (180m) in the sky. Just soak up yourself in the light, and music shows happen twice a day. If you truly want to appreciate the constantly transforming colors of fountains contrasting with the illuminated Petronas towers, head to this place at night, and you will be awe-inspired.

Moreover, a 1.3 km long wading pool, rubberized jogging path, and a children's playground are also available. Oh yeah, make sure to capture tons of photos to boost your insta profile.

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park:

The world's mammoth haven birds park, sprawling to 20.9 acres, is not only famous for its size but also serves as a research center for those scientists who want to look into the behavioral patterns of some species that are not easy enough to observe. Let your eyes catch the sight of gorgeous 2000 local and 10% imported from Tanzania and Europe. This park is sliced into four zones, among them, zone 4 is one of the famous as there is a walk-in enclosure, the display of flightless birds including deadly Cassowary, as well as a feeding station where you can get to meet some of the birds, and a dropping waterfall of 30-foots.

If you wanna know more about birds, head to the amphitheater sitting in this park offering bird shows. It’s one of the must things to do in KI.

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Petaling Street:

One street Chinatown begins at the back of a large arch and goes all the way to the Chan See Shu Yuen Temple, which is one of the most former Buddhist Temple of Malaysia. Green Roof, locals named it "Green Dragon," covers the whole street serving as a shield from the heaving pours and the bristling sun, especially in the mid-afternoon.

Grab spices, specialties like Hokkien Mee or Salted roast duck, fried eggs, a Southeast Asian fare made up of noodles, a meat mix-and ingredients as this Petaling Street is one of the popular spots when it comes to street food.

If your stomach is not so adventurous or not addicted to street food, don't worry. This street also has toy selling street shops, Chinese Bookstore, imitated brands, souvenirs, and the list goes on!

Merdeka Square:

Used to be the cricket green of the local Selangor Club, now turned into an immense open square park serving best for rallies, the National Day Parade, and public events, Merdeka Square is a 100-m high rising flagpole that celebrates the first Malayan flag rising in 1957.

This renowned colonial building is dotting all the streets across the square, and many of them are warmly welcoming the photophilic. Pay a visit to the Sultan Abdul Samad Building, inspired by the Moorish style and home to the Ministry of Information, Communication, and Malaysia culture. Pop into the nearby Kuala Lumpur City Gallery, storytelling of the city by way of innovative exhibits and miniature models. Cherish the Victorian era fountain; here, people often come to relax or step back in time by heading to St. Mary's Church. National Textile Museum is also a must-visit place where traditional costumes and batik displays.

Sunway Lagoon Theme Park:

Want to truly on multiple rides and gaze at splendid attractions? Make time for a visit to Sunway Lagoon Theme Park stretching to more than 88 acres, cuddling a 45-minute drive. This multi-themed park was initiated as a water park, but surprisingly, it boasts five additional zones at the present time. These zones include an Amusement Park with Carousels, rollercoasters, and much more; A Scream Park with an enormous ghostly house, A Wildlife Park, An Extreme Park boasting ATV Rides, paintball, and bungee jumping; and an area called Nickelodeon's Lost Jungle, designed to entertain youngsters.

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Kuala Lumpur Tower:

When it comes to exploring Kuala Lumpur, a trip to this city isn't completed unless you treat your eyes to a world's high-rising freestanding tower, which reaches up to 421m into the sky. Kuala Lumpur essentially serves as a communication tower, a V, an Islamic Falak observatory, and the best standpoint over the city.

Revolve around the restaurants or head to the open-air observation platform, nestled 300m in the air, and you can go here by elevator within no time.

Just make sure to check out the inner attractions of this tower. Cherish the upside-down funhouse museum or relish the swimming fishes in a small aquarium. If shopping is your style, make your way to the souvenir shops selling high-end handicrafts or enjoy the unspoiled views of the city and even under your feet from the Sky Box, which is a glass box that goes out from the Sky Deck.

National Museum:

History buffs should not pass up the chance to see where traditional weapons and historical wedding apparel lies. National Museum is one of the most important heritage and cultural three-story museums holding an immense collection of everything attracting visitors in droves. It is here, Selangor Museum was occupying this place destroyed by air bombing in WWII.

Several meaty exhibits of the museum are lodged outdoors, including the timber palace of the 19th century. The architecture of this building was inspired by Terengganu Malay. Step inside the museum, your eyes will catch sights of the country's colonial history and the nation's Hindu-Buddhist heritage in the form of vibrant stone and bronze sculptures.

Central Market:

Want to get in a little shopping while visiting Kuala Lumpur? Take some time out to visit Central Market where you will come across the best items of this city. Back in the 19th century, lodging in an Art Deco Heritage Site was arranged in a stall style with little open shops selling a contrast of everything ranging from traditional Malaysian handicrafts to silver items. Moreover, you will also get to see the famous ornamental wood pottery and carvings at this market.

Stroll along the flamboyant Kasturi Walk situated at the right side of the building and devour local snacks and much more. Don't forget to haggle over the price as it is one of the most fun parts and among the best things to do in Kl.

Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park:

Imagine you and your loved one strolling hand in hand in the well-manicured parks, butterflies flying around showering the love over you, making the best backdrop for your romantic date. Home to over 5,000 butterflies covering 7,500 sqm, making it the world's massive butterfly park. But, it's hard to find them resting on a flower; in fact, it requires a lot of patience. Head to the Perdona Botanical Garden that sits next to this park covering 91.6 hectares. Make some more out to discover the gardens featuring a sunken garden ringing by a herbarium, pergolas, and an orchid garden.

Batu Caves:

Located 13 km from Kuala Lumpur, Batu Caves is an easily accessible and phenomenal train ride from the train station of Kuala Lumpur. Nestled in the limestone hills, these caves are the significant Hindu shrines devoted to Lord Murugan. Move to the right, and you will see one of the tallest statues rising up to 43m welcomes visitors warmly. One of the main caves among the three is the Cathedral Cave, which is 91 m tall. Pay a visit to Hindu Chapel and Dark Cave, the second largest cave, only accessible with a tour.

Bukit Bintang Shopping District:

Head to this Bukit Bintang Shopping District and soak up yourself in endless shopping and entertainment district that involves a few streets and several shopping centers, many high-end cafes and restaurants, and street markets. Head to one of the major attractions named Berjaya Times Square Shopping Mall, sprawling to 330000 sqm of retail space. Moreover, the colossal indoor amusement park of Asia is also in this district with plenty of thrill rides and looping roller coasters. To get a nice sense of shopping, pop into Starhill Gallery or log in for massages and reflexology in one of the spas of the shopping district. Experience dinner in an open-air space or in the moonlight in one of the theme parks.

Suria KLCC:

Hop off at the KLCC train station, and here you will see Suria KLCC, located at the Petronas Twin Towers. Let your taste the flavors of different luxurious filled shops, boutiques, and food courts, find all in this six-story complex, Malaysia's largest shopping mall. Make your way to the Petrosains Science Discovery Centre to dive deep into the science or feast your eyes on amazing arts at Petronas Art Gallery.

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Chan See Shu Yuen Temple:

Visiting Petaling Street and missing the Chan See Shu Yuen Temple will make your trip incomplete. Step back in time, and you will see ceramic sculptures, paintings, and carvings.

The Best Travel Homes For You!

Before you lose yourself in the dazzling wonders of this city, let's get you to a mind-boggling place where you can stay comfortably. So, look into the top-most hotels!


Grand Hyatt Kl:

This iconic hotel has everything for you. Dive into the pool or replenish yourself in one of the spas. Embrace the breathtaking skyline views from the spacious guestrooms. Host an unforgettable meeting or event in a highly versatile event space, or just exhilarate your muscles in a fitness center.

Banyan Tree Kl:

Modern and elegance are the primary features of this hotel. The rooms and suites of this hotel are elegantly designed, offering the best cityscape. Doze off on the completely comfort-filled beds views and take advantage of all amenities this hotel has to offer. Renew, Rejuvenate, and Refresh your soul in one of the spas after an eventful day.

St Regis Kl:

Experience the best of Kulala Lumpur hotels at St.Regis Kl and embrace the loveliness of all amenities provided by this hotel and located at the best location offering exceptional views from the windows of the spacious rooms and suites. Lift your spirits in the fitness center or wind up your day with a refreshing dip in an outdoor pool of this hotel.


Le Meridien Kl:

This upscale contemporary hotel has lovely and graceful rooms with outstanding vistas of the garden or city. Feast on the cost-free breakfast and connect yourself with family through the free WiFi effortlessly. Dive right into the swimming pool or pamper yourself by taking a massage in one of the spas.


W Hotel Kl:

One of the fanciest hotels with mind-boggling city views is W Hotel Kl offering all mandatory activities with a soaking tub for you. Fuel yourself at one of the two restaurants serving international eatery and al fresco dining. Spend a sparkling night in a bar or soak up in peace by plunging into an outdoor heated pool.

In a nutshell, there's nothing you can't find in this city of boundless attractions. Whether you are thinking of boosting likes on your instant photo or simply wish to soak up yourself in this city, Kuala Lumpur will give its best to keep you engaged in multiple things. Embrace the charm or explore the best hotels in KI, gaze at the birds or log in for multiple rides, do whatever you wish to do. But, don't forget to pay a visit to Petronas Twin Tower, it is one of the must things to do in Kuala Lumpur. So, just pack your bags and hit the road!

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The Welcome To The Heavenly World Of Fascinating Attractions-Kuala Lumpur!